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Aidan Booth Review

After reading my Aidan Booth review you will know everything there is to know about who Aidan is and what he has accomplished as an entrepreneur.

aidan booth reviewWhen it comes to learning how to make money online Aidan is one of the best people to teach you.

I have been buying their course and learning from their training for the past 5 years. I was able to quit my 9-5 full time job because they really helped me take my business to the next level.

Aidan’s net worth isn’t known but he makes millions and millions of dollars online every year. Over they years he has diversified his business and tested out every online business model possible. Today he has a range of profitable online businesses including:

  • Affilaite Marketing Niche Websites
  • Ecommerce Websites
  • Online Training Programs and Private Coaching / Consulting
  • Hosting Company called Float Hosting
  • Ecommerce Business (His physical brands selling both online and offline)
  • Selling Subscription Software Products

New Zealand To Argentina

Aidan was born in New Zealand but in 2003 he moved to Argentina with his wife Caroline. He didn’t know it at the time but this is what pushed his online career forward. He didn’t speak any Spanish and he couldn’t find a job so he turned to the internet looking for a way to earn an income online.

Aidan’s First Online Marketing Websites

He started his first internet marketing website in 2005 but it didn’t make he any money. But by 2006 he had learned to build small affiliate marketing websites and used Google Adwords to send traffic to them.

He wasn’t making any regular income from the simple sites he set up but he did start seeing a sale here and there that earned him about 30 dollars in commission. This is when the light bulb really went off for Booth and he realized that making money online was actually possible.

Shortly after that he learned how to do search engine optimization (SEO) which meant he could get his websites to rank at the top of Google and get traffic without doing pay per click advertising.

At this point he started seeing much better results in terms of the money he was making and decided to diversify and he starting building ecommerce websites too. He got people to his websites through organic traffic and a couple different paid traffic sources.

He found a business model that he could replicate over and over again and eventually had over 1500 websites on the internet.

Affiliate Marketing Business Training For Internet Marketers

Around the same time he was seeing massive success with his websites he developed a training program. Aidan Booth started teaching online business marketing strategies to other internet marketers. This was the first experience he got teaching other marketers how to build an affiliate marketing website using his internet marketing strategy.

Booth’s Marketing Methods Weren’t Always Successful

In 2010 Aiden learned a hard lesson when Google released one of their algorithm updates called May Day. He lost his Google rankings for over 500 websites over night. After that point he decided to be more careful and diversify his online business better so if another update like that came along he wouldn’t have all his eggs in one basket.

After that point the still did his simple affiliate niche websites but he paid more attention to growing his e commerce and got them earning as much or more than his affiliate marketing sites.

Aidan Booth and Steven Clayton

In 2013 he took his online business to a whole new level by partnering with Steve Clayton. He still looks back on this decision as one of the most important decisions to get his business to where it is today. Steve had extensive experience working in Corporate America and was the CFO of a Fortune 500 company.

With Aidan entrepreneur experience and spirit combine with Steve formal business training they had the best of both words. Steve helped Aidan plan out their future business path and give it the structure necessary to reach the next level.

Not only did Aidan and Steve grow their online assets but they began training other entrepreneurs their online marketing strategies.

Their Ecommerce Company

Over the years Aidan and Steven have been building up their e commerce empire. They started out by building simple e-commerce websites that sold other peoples products. Now their ecom business has exploded into a company that sells multiple brands of their own products to customers.

They use to only sell on Amazon but now they sell all over the internet and in over 10 000 physical stores across the USA. They have also grown into a wholesale company where other companies buy their brands in bulk.

Aidan Booth and Steven Clayton Course Review

Over the years Aidan and Steve have released a number of training programs and courses. After finding profitable online business models themselves they figure out how to break them down into simple steps that anyone can do over and over. They teach their students to do online marketing exactly how they do. Aidan Booth and Steve Clayton are internet marketers who’s online marketing strategies and ecommerce business training you want to review and learn from.

Kibo Code Eclipse Review

Every year in January they allow a new group of students to join them and they teach them the exact steps they have been using successfully to build an online business in a specific area. In January 2022 they will open up their training program called Kibo Code Eclipse.

Kibo Code Eclipse will teach their students how to build ecommerce stores and fill their online stores with products all sourced directly from the USA. This is very different from all the other ecommerce business models out there that have to rely on China for their products.

No Ecommerce Inventory

They have vetted out suppliers in the USA who are happy to work with their students. You don’t have to worry about holding any inventory. Once someone send you money and buys a product from your store you send the money over to the supplier and they take care of the rest for you.

Kibo Code Launchpad

They have invested over a million dollars in making sure the software and tools inside the members area are perfect. Because of this you can have your online store up and running with products in literally minutes with a few clicks of the mouse. There’s a full suite a software and tools inside specifically developed to make this business model easier and faster to make money.

E-commerce Business Training

They have released a version of the Kibo Code for the last 2 years and have taken everything they learned from the successes and obstacles their students have faced perfecting the system. The training is entirely new for 2022

Kibo Code Quantum

This is a previous version of the Kibo Code that was released last year. It’s closed to new members now but you can get the new and improved version with Kibo Code Eclipse this January 2022.

Parallel Profits

Parallel Profits was released in 2019 and is not available anymore. Parallel Profits was unique from any other course they have ever released because it allowed you to literally partner with Aidan and Steve and become franchise owners.

Your company would market to small businesses providing them with the assets they need to get online from websites, to social media accounts to search engine rankings.

Infinity Project

The Infinity Project is still available and it’s essentially a business in a box solution using a proven system to make money online selling simple products online.

Connecting with Aidan

Aidan has a website that he publishes on the 1st of every month with valuable business lessons. You can also connect with him on Facebook, Instagram and YouTube. I don’t think he has a TikTok account.

Aidan Booth Review Wrap Up

I hope that you have found my review helpful and I highly recommend learning from Aidan and Steve whether you are new to internet marketing or want to grow your current business. I have been buying courses and learning from these two guys for over 5 years now. Without them I doubt I would have been able to leave my stable full time job with great benefits.

Welcome To The Art of Marketing with Lizzy

Hey, I’m Lizzy and I’m starting my new blog here. I enjoy studying and learning everything I can about digital marketing but my focus is ecommerce.

aidan-boothI have been learning from Aidan Booth and Steve Clayton for a number of years now and can’t wait to share more about them with you. Both Aidan and Steve have been successful internet marketers for decades unlike some of these other “gurus” you see popping up all over the internet like on

I have purchased more training programs than I can count and unfortunately most of them turned out to not work at all. It seems like they were reading stuff online and turning it into their own products without actually going through the steps themselves. That’s why I fell in love with what Aiden Booth and Steve do and teach. You can really tell they walk the walk so to speak, and from their training you can see that very clearly. Stay tuned because I will be posting my detailed Aidan Booth review in a few days. Thank for reading!

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