Hey, I’m Lizzy and I’m starting my new blog here. I enjoy studying and learning everything I can about digital marketing but my focus is ecommerce.

aidan-boothI have been learning from Aidan Booth and Steve Clayton for a number of years now and can’t wait to share more about them with you. Both Aidan and Steve have been successful internet marketers for decades unlike some of these other “gurus” you see popping up all over the internet like on YouTube.com.

I have purchased more training programs than I can count and unfortunately most of them turned out to not work at all. It seems like they were reading stuff online and turning it into their own products without actually going through the steps themselves. That’s why I fell in love with what Aiden Booth and Steve do and teach. You can really tell they walk the walk so to speak, and from their training you can see that very clearly. Stay tuned because I will be posting my detailed Aidan Booth review in a few days. Thank for reading!